The Company

Roxa Plant was founded in 1990 as a company specializing in prefabrication of piping isometric drawings with , nozzle for tanks and heat exchangers, collectors and filters.

The workforce consists of highly qualified technicians , has enabled over time, a significant increase in activity: in 2000 was purchased in Solza , a new building larger than about 3000 square meters in total.

In subsequent years, Roxa equipment has invested in machinery more and more innovative and technologically advanced, with the aim to diversify and sustain higher work rates, and introduce new types of processes.

Since 2003, the business was expanded and was mainly oriented to the overlay special materials of valves, balls and flanges, which in 2007 has opened the doors to the international market.

In 2009 LRQA has certified our quality system in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, which was then confirmed in 2012 with the three-year renewal.

In 2012 was installed a photovoltaic system that permits Roxa to meet its energy needs annually.

Today, Roxa Impianti is a company dedicated to the development, and continuous updating of the systems, to ensure maximum efficiency and meet the demands of customers and the market.